Parsifal at Bayreuth

It was wonderful to be back to Bayreuth again this summer. After Meistersinger last year, I got ticket to Parsifal this time, an opera which had been exclusively performed at the Festspielhaus for about twenty years.

Of course, this production is nothing traditional since Katharina Wagner is organizing the festival. Luckily the one tradition, which is the quality of musicians stays strong at all times. I really enjoyed hearing great voices from the stage and the full sound of the orchestra while playing in the pit. The only thing that bugs me is the 2nd flute and the timpanists, who overpower the whole section (especially the 1st flute) and who did not tune the kettles accurately.

The choir is extremely strong as usual, great diction with dramatic dynamic contrast and powerful sound. But well, it is the Festspielhaus, not anybody can get in and sing just like that.

The story of “Parsifal” is not extremely complex like Wagner’s other operas, but the director somehow managed to make it more difficult to understand. Anyhow, it is a gorgeous opera and I am glad this is the direction I am going after.

Cheers for more great music making!

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