Leaving Cincinnati soon!

Time flies. This is the forth year I have been in Cincinnati. I am going to finish all my course work in 3 months and by June, Cincinnati won’t be my home anymore.

2010-2011 is definitely a crazy year. Being a full time student at CCM, assistant of CCM Philharmonia and Concert Orchestra, music director of UCSO, assistant conductor of CSYO, conducting assistant of CSO and teaching assistant of several classes, I barely have time to do anything. Today is an unusual day off for myself (and I managed to file my taxes, phew!) since I have to work over most of the weekends.

It is a bless to be able to observe and work with all level orchestras this year, from professional level CSO, to conservatory level CCM Philharmonia and CCM Concert Orchestra, to high school level CSYO, and to amateur UCSO. There is such a huge distinction between the level of these orchestras that I need to find a way to balance myself, and to understand how to be realistic with the sound of different ensembles.

11 years of schooling, don’t laugh, I am serious! 7 years in Beijing plus 4 years in Cincinnati, and this is the year that I finally realize what conducting is all about. Have I wasted all my time? Probably not, but I might have… It is nothing I have expected at all.

Glad that I am starting a new page of my life, again. I’ve learnt so much here, I am leaving without any regret and full with passion. Final three months in this cute little city, will get the most out of it before leaving. This could mean today will be my last day off until I’m done with school. Awesome!

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