Summer 2010-1st stop Los Angeles

So I am going to spend more than 2 weeks in LA. But first I left my cellphone in Annunziata’s car on the way to the airport, probably too excited to leave Cincinnati for a while. Then i tripped over a bump while running on the street the second day. My knee is still bleeding which stops me from running for maybe another few days. Well, it doesn’t seem that bad as I got my phone shipped from Cincinnati and I can still move around the city.
The weather in LA is extraordinary, I think it’s just perfect for human. Also, AT’s apartment is spacious and nice, appreciate that he lets me stay for such a long period of time. Didn’t realize that he has become a very good cook as well. He was making cup cakes last night, looks professional dude!
This is the 1st weekend I’m here, not sure what I am going to do yet, but I know it is going to be awesome. However, I am still very behind my schedule trying to finish studying the operas before going to Italy. I guess I need to work harder in this lovely city…
AT working seriously
Aik Teong is making the cupcakes
AT’s cupcakes
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  1. says:

    Dear Khai? How\’ s going in LA? Summer camp?Will you keep staying in Cincinnati? U r on the DD right? Anyway, miss u

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