Ah mah (my granny)

Left Malaysia for 3 weeks now, but still very much attached to the land I have grown up. This is quite extraordinary as I rarely have such strong feelings for the country even though I was brought up there. 

A few days ago, Ah mah came into my dream. I was so touched as she was here to teach me how to cook the dishes she used to cook for me before she passed away. She must be concerned that I might not be able to take care of myself! Weird… why didn’t she come and teach me earlier? Why now? Is it because I am a better cook than before? Anyway, I haven’t learnt anything from her as the alarm woke me up! Hope she’ll come and teach me again!

Today, while I was having breakfast, dad came into my mind. It’s the taste of the food I made that reminded me of daddy. He used to make us bread with luncheon meat (午餐肉) and chili sauce. That’s the taste of my dad, hahaha!

Am I supposed to study scores or learn how to cook? I wonder…. Somehow my tongue is getting better than my ears, scary…
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3 Responses to Ah mah (my granny)

  1. Xin Yi says:

    hahaha…ah mah pls come to my dream as well… I\’m a better cook than my gogo…. =P

  2. Chai says:

    better study score, don\’t think you will be a good cook anyway.

  3. G_Rong says:

    i want to eat ramlee burger…

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