Europe-Munich 2

This is fast and not enough, my one week stay in Munich is over! I will be on my way to Salzburg tomorrow morning….. 😦

For the past few days, I’ve been to Pinakothek Museums where there are a lot of paintings from 14th-20th centuries, met with conducting professors in University of Music in Munich, professor Weil and professor Nikolai, went to the King’s summer palace and botanical garden, attended more concerts, operas performances and rehearsals, cycled around the English Garden, visited various concert halls and opera houses, walked along the river, more biking and more biking around the city and loving it.
Seriously, I didn’t take a lot of photos, maybe I don’t feel like a tourist here. Anyway, I want to come back here!!!! Let see what may happen in a few months.
Well, Salzburg I am coming!
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3 Responses to Europe-Munich 2

  1. Nicholas says:

    never mind, im sure you will have chance to visit Munich someday… perhaps with someone, then you will take some shots when you feel like you\’re tourist!

  2. 琳琳 says:


  3. Chuan says:

    Khai: We really shared your joyful in Munich, enjoy your trip in Europe….Laoshi & Ayi

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