Hair cut

Finally, I had my first hair cut in the US. You guys have no idea how messy my hair was after three months. Yes, you heard me, I haven’t had my hair cut for three whole months, andthat means I am moving toward my 4th month in Cincinnati, how exciting! A black guy did the job for me, haha, this is my first "intimate" contact with a black.
It’s good that things are working quite well over here, even I thought it’s kinda tiring, but I am liking it, so won’t be a matter. Exciting trip is coming soon! I will be in Chicago next week during Thanks Giving holidays. Ruyi (Chung Ling schoolmate) will host, we haven’t seen each other for like 10 years!!!! Really looking forward to the trip!
New look, new life. I hope my new look will make me fresh again, and could work smoothly towards the end of my first quarter in UC. New begining of everything, all the best to all my friends…


I miss everyone of you!
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6 Responses to Hair cut

  1. DON says:

    哎呀,你应该放一张留了三个月长发的照片,短发的你我们看太多了,长发的khai khai才是我们梦寐以求一见的!哈哈哈许久没有你消息,上来一看,原来你已经到了美国。嗯,应该说你终于到了美国,呵呵。看起来,你的生活很精彩呢,满满的生活流程表。相信新的生活,一定又会给你的生命带来很多的启发了。我相信感性并懂得生活的人,会成为真正伟大的艺术家,加油,我们永远的好指挥!all the best for your new live in US ^_^

  2. HM says:


  3. Yuye says:

    Good luck!

  4. G_Rong says:


  5. Vivian says:

    Ahhh !! Finally something in English ! I was starting to get all lost with those Chinese characters everywhere :)Hope you\’re good out there ! With short hair 🙂

  6. sushi says:

    ^_______^  fresh look and new life~ good~~

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