Happiest day of this semester

Went to rehearsal with Beijing No.19 Secondary School’s Chinese orchestra. Glad that they like  me after the second session with them.
After the rehearsal, I went to Tsing Hua cos Yong Ming said he’ll cook for me! Had a wonderful dinner there and I am touched with the food and their care. May be I misunderstood, but I thought I felt that they care for me, and want me to be happy. In fact, I really did enjoy myself there, I love the five of you!!!
Thanks to Yong Ming and his mango+potato salad, Zeyan and his honey chicken, Wei Li and his fried egg, Ziyuan and the rice, Qi Rong and detergent (heard that they want to make her wash all the dishes, poor girl).
Anyhow, just want to thank the five of you, am really grateful to have you guys as my friends.
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9 Responses to Happiest day of this semester

  1. Nicholas says:

    i cooked the rice!! i cooked the rice!!
    dont hesitate, cuz we really WANT you to be happy!! =)

  2. Loh says:

    yaya ~~ wanna u to be happy ma~~
    i washed the dishes lo… n also ziyuan zeyan la
    oh ya~~ know that u r touched,
    but dun cry dun cry  oo :p

  3. sushi says:

    i finally see what\’s the main purpose u were there yesterday…=P
    good to hear that u enjoyed much with them~~
    although u titled "happiest day of the semester" …
    there\’s quite much \’SOUR\’ feeling is coming out with me right now…
    by the way, i would also truly hope tat u are happy always with us…
    then, shall i cook Italian-mee for u? once u said u were dribbling in my space~~
    hehe, anytime before i\’ve obtained shichen\’s permission…keke ^v^

  4. Aik Khai says:

    I want I want!!!!!!
    you don\’t have to get shi chen\’s permission lor, he knows me very well! so when are you going to cook for me? waiting…..

  5. 传颖 says:


  6. louischw says:


  7. nanako says:

    seen like very delicious…..

  8. loh says:

    u should come to our house somedays..
    lots of cook over here
    sushi will cook da spagetti for u by using our kithen then…

  9. Zeyan says:

    yeah~!   i and felt your happiness tat day…….
    it is happy for me too to make ppl happy by cooking food~! 
    btw, i  will not forget our dating de…. hehe

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