Interview with Kwong Wah newpaper

This is the first time I had inverview with a press. Glad to have the opportunity to do so, and hope that the coming concerts in Penang and Singapore will be a success!
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5 Responses to Interview with Kwong Wah newpaper

  1. DON says:

    send my best wishes to u n ur concert^_^
     n i sure u wil have a great performance.

  2. Nicole says:


  3. Louis says:

    wish u all the best…..
    have a happy valentine`s day!!

  4. Yuye says:

    Hey khai khai,its me,feather..suprise.haha!how have u been? i hate this long long holiday.feel so boring…welcome to my spaces,and tell me ur msn email,i add u,ok?have a good time!

  5. Bran says:

    new shooting star !!!!  u did it finally …more reports on that pls ……..

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